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Shark Cage Diving Rhode Island

We will not be engaged in Shark Cage Diving for the 2022 year.   I will keep the page up so you can enjoy the pictures and videos from the past. 

Unfortuantly I am unable to obtain insurance for diving.  If anything changes in the future I will keep you informed.


RI shark cage diving off the southern New England coast of the United States began in 1976.  It was pioneered by Capt, Charlie Donilon, owner of the charter dive boat "Snappa". At that time, shark cage diving off  the east coast of the U.S. was virtually unheard of.  Rhode Island shark cage diving charters draw divers from across the globe to dive southern New England in pursuit of Rhode Island’s most common sharks, the blue and mako shark. Venture inside our cage or lie on the playpen and feel your heart race as you come face to face with one of nature’s most feared but magnificent creations.

Searching for RI SharksWhen designing “Snappa,” we kept our divers in mind.  A walk out transom door aids divers when entering the water. Upon their return to the boat, our custom designed dive ladder will make the climb into the cockpit almost effortless.


What to Expect

The party usually meets dockside around 6 AM. Loading the boat with gear and the cage takes about 30 minutes. After a quick orientation explaining boat policies, rules, and demonstrating correct cage procedures, we shove off for a 20 to 50 mile steam. Once in the area, the water temperature will be between 60 and 65 degrees in June and upwards of 70 degrees in August and September. Depending on conditions, the water visibility may measure between 15 and 80 feet. The water depth will be approximately 200 feet. The sharks will take anywhere from 10 minutes to 4 hours to find our chum slick. Three divers will be allowed in the cage at the same time.  The “Anti Shark Cage” dimensions are 5 feet wide, 6 ½ feet long, and 7 ½ feet high. It is constructed of one inch anodized aluminum pipe. The cage will be located on the surface with the floor to a depth of 8 feet.  Diving ends at approximately 2 PM with our return to the dock by 4 PM.  Offloading should be completed by 4:30 PM.


Divers may provide their own dive gear and sign a liability release.  If your dive gear is unavailable we do provide the basic mask, fins, snorkel, and wet suit for a fee of $25.  Divers must show certification through P.A.D.I., S.S.I. , Y.M.C.A., or N.A.U.I.   Non-certified divers are permitted to snorkel dive on the surface only. 

The "Playpen"

The “Playpen” or our surface platform was designed for the non-certified snorkel diver. You will definitely experience the same thrill and excitement the scuba diver enjoys from below the surface. You simply observe the sharks from above the surface.  

Surface Cage for the Non Certified snokel diver

11 Year Old Bailey Roy



One of the most fascinating and mysterious creatures on earth, the shark has roamed the oceans for millions of years, virtually unchanged. 

Off the Rhode Island coast, the blue shark is the most common shark you encounter. It ranges in size from 4 to 13 feet, weighing 30 to 350 pounds.  A slender body is characterized by an iridescent blue color and its trademark long pectoral fins. The blue shark is considered one of the most cooperative sharks to photograph. Strobe lights do not appear to have any effect on the shark's behavior, with many sharks coming close enough to bounce off the camera lens.  The best months for viewing are June through September.

Blue Shark by Klaus Harter 

Blue Shark Photo by Klaus Harter


The mako shark is one of the most aggressive  and dynamic sharks in the ocean, sometimes leaping 20 feet out of the water. It is identified by a pointed head, multi layered teeth, full muscular body, and crescent shaped tail. August and September are the best months for viewing this shark. 

The basking shark frequents our waters during the months of June and early July. It is a harmless plankton feeder reaching lengths of over 20 feet.  Calm, sunny days usually bring the basking shark up to the surface to sun itself

Mako Shark - Cage Diving 

Mako Shark by Joe Romeiro

Marine Life

  Many other forms of marine life visit our waters, available for the diver’s viewing pleasure.  These include varied species of plankton and jelly fish including the Portuguese Man-of-War. Large fish often seen are the dolphin or mahi mahi, marlin, porpoise, tuna, sea turtles, ocean sunfish , and whales.

Certification Requirements and Liability


Divers must provide their own diving gear.  Scuba divers must show certification through P.A.D.I., S.S.I., Y.M.C.A., or N.A.U.I.  Divers should be in good physical shape. All participants must sign a liability release form before leaving the dock. Non-certified divers are permitted to snorkel dive on the surface only.


 Photo by Bill Buckley

Photo by Bill Buckley


Hammer Head Shark

Yes, we have Hammerheads in RI water's!                                                       



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