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In Search for New England Sharks

                      2017 Shark Cage Diving Newsletter

 We began our first dive trips of the season in 2016 toward the end of June.  Results proved to be good with an average of 4 to 6 sharks per day, with one of our best days allowing the divers to view 9 blue sharks.

 During the second set of shark dives that began toward the end of July, I targeted an area approximately 25 to 45 miles southeast of Pt. Judith.  On at least 50% of the dives we attracted a mako or two.  We also saw herds of white sided dolphin and whales while running to and from the diving grounds.  A most notable day took place on July 25th where we saw two blue sharks, two mako sharks, and one 500 lb. hammerhead shark.  The hammerhead lived up to all expectations you have heard about, displaying agility and speed. 

The next set of dives took place between August 28th and September 3rd.  It was like we were swimming in an aquarium.  On one day we saw over 30 dolphins.  Over one three day stretch we saw 6 makos and another hammerhead along with a few more blue sharks.  

To this point in the season, we were 100% successful in finding sharks.  But as they say, “All good things must come to an end”.  Between Sept 4th and the 7th we had rough seas preventing any more dives.  The final dives of the season took place between September 18th and the 23rd.  All of the above resulted in a complete failure.  I wish I could come up with the reason for the lack of sharks but I can’t.  The water temperature was fine along with excellent visibility to 60 ft.   Because of this situation I may be ending my dive season after the first week of September.

To add a new aspect to the shark cage trips I may be offering photography and spear fishing around the newly constructed wind turbine rigs.  As most of you know, whenever you introduce any kind of man made structure in the ocean, it’s only a matter of time before you start seeing all kinds of marine life attracted to the area.  By June of 2017 it will be two years the rigs have been in the water.  We should start seeing tropical fish such as trigger fish, jacks, tuna, sharks, and mahi mahi.   All of which are beautiful to photograph.

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