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In Search for New England Sharks

                      2016 Shark Cage Diving Newsletter

 We viewed three blue sharks on our first shark cage diving adventure on June 26, 2015. We also saw three tuna which was a bit out of the ordinary for that time of year.   On the following day we saw the first mako shark of the season along with two blue sharks.  As the month progressed many of our dive adventure enthusiasts saw schools of white sided dolphin, whales, ocean sunfish, mahi mahi, and sea turtles. 

During the months of August and September we experienced the best visibility for viewing sharks.  Fifty feet and beyond was the norm.  These two months usually offer the divers a greater variety of species than the months of June and July.  But take note that the hurricane season is most active at this time causing a large number of weather cancellations.   Weather permitting, I will be offering a week of diving from September 18th through September 23rd due to a dive conference taking place at URI.  The conference divers have already taken the dates of September 20th, 21st, and 22nd

 Our totals for the 2015 season included 41 sharks that were tagged for research.  On one occasion we did suffer through an entire day without attracting a single shark.  On a positive note we did manage to place 5 archival tags in mako sharks.   This brings the total number of sharks tagged for research to 2467.

 For those of you who are interested in following the path of our first mako shark successfully tagged with a satellite tag, go to   Scroll down to “View Our Tracking Project” and click on “Mako Sharks W. Atlantic.”  Locate Mako Sharks all the way over on the left side and click on #3 W. North Atlantic Mako Sharks.  Locate “Yacht Chandlers” (our sponsor) on the right hand side at the bottom of the list, click on ? to find the specifics on our shark.  Click on the brown square for the travel history, and click on “Animated Tracks” for tracking history.  The shark was at liberty for 394 days and traveled 6936 miles. 

Due to the reduction in fuel prices this year I have decided to pass the savings onto the customers.  I will adjust my distance scale to length of day.  In doing so, I will attempt to run an additional 5 miles offshore on both the 10 and 12 hour trips.  This is dependent upon weather conditions as well as fuel prices remaining fairly close to where they are now, as of this writing in late March.  The extra distance should improve or visibility and increase our chances of seeing more warm water tropical species. 

This past winter was one of the warmest winters on record.  At this time our ocean temperatures are approximately 6 degrees warmer than normal.  For this reason I will predict that the sharks should arrive in good numbers by mid June, so don’t miss out on the early run of sharks, tuna, whales and white sided dolphin.  I’m looking forward to June to be one of the most productive months.  



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