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Newsletter 2023

Mar 16, 2023

2023 Newsletter

It appears that many of you are trying to get back to some sense of normalcy after Covid-19. It could be the warm weather that we have experienced over the winter or the fact that people just want to get out and go about their daily routine. Whatever it is, the bookings seem to be ahead of where they normally are at this time of year. Because of this trend, I will be targeting May 15th as my start date for the 2023 season. During the last two weeks of May we will concentrate on the arrival of striped bass, blue fish, cod and a few fluke. I would recommend holding off until June if you want better results catching fluke.
I may be fishing more offshore trips for tuna and sharks this season. Last season produced a few fish in the general area, 35 miles south of Pt. Judith. I will wait to see where the price of fuel is during the summer. If it is within a reasonable rate/gal, along with the fish feeding within 35 miles from land, we will make an honest effort to coral a few fish. You may want to prepare yourself for a fuel surcharge.
As the fall approaches we will be finishing up on the striped bass and changing over to blackfish and sea bass The change-over period is an excellent time to troll or diamond jig for stripers in the morning and then finish off the day by bottom fishing with bait for black fish and sea bass. Best results take place between early September and the middle of October.
As many of you know, my boat is licensed to carry up to 16 passengers. Throughout the season I receive quite a few calls from individuals and couples who can’t afford a private charter and are willing to split the cost with other individuals. These charters are called open, split and mixed group charters. Ten passenger’s maximum on fishing trips. Sixteen passenger’s maximum on whale, lighthouse and turbine tours. If this type of trip interests you, I would highly recommend calling early to reserve space. During the fall months about 50% of my trips are made up by individuals. Other dates may be added as needed. You may want to click on each page on my website to find out more details. The following dates are available for mixed fishing and cruising tours.
Fishing June 2, 15 July 3, 13, 28 Sept. 5, 8, 20, 22, 25 Oct. 20, 22, 28, 30
Nov. 3, 4, 8, 10, 13, 18, 24 Dec 4, 6, 8, 12
Shark Tagging July 13, August 7, 24, Sept 13, 22
Whale Watching July 11, 21, 25 August 9, 12, 21
Lighthouse Tours June 3, 23 July 5, 22 August 11, 23 Sept. 2
Wind Turbines Tours May 28 June 4, 24 July 14, August 15, 25
Sunset Tours May 27 June 9, 21, 29 July 7, 16 Aug 16, 31