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Rhode Island Fishing Prices and Discounts | Single, Open, Mixed Groups with Split Cost


The Group Organizer Receives a Free Fare as the 10th Person.

Individuals Receive a Free Fare on Their 5th Trip in One Season.


2024 Charter Fishing Prices

 Weekdays Based on 6 Passengers

 Weekends Based on 7 Passengers

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Weekend Rate       
Mini Trip
 4 hr
4 miles 
This is an ideal trip for beginners or children who get a little antsy after a few hours.  Fluke, bass, and blues are caught on this trip.
 5 hr
8 miles
Skip out of work a little early and enjoy a beautiful sunset while catching striped bass at Block Island’s north rip. Due to less boat traffic during twilight hours, the bass may surface feed allowing anglers to use spinning gear.   
Half Day
 6 hr
12 miles
A morning or afternoon 6 hr trip is ideal for anyone who doesn’t have the time for a full day of fishing.  All areas around Block Island are accessible on this trip.  We generally target bass, blues, fluke, porgies, and sea bass. 
Inshore Shark
 7 hr
16 miles
This trip won’t break the bank and you will still experience the thrill and excitement of big game fishing while catching blue, mako, and thresher sharks, within 16 miles from land.  We practice a (NO KILL) policy on all sharks. 
Full Day
 8 hr
16 miles
This is our “Surf and Turf” trip.  You can begin by trolling, diamond jigging, and bottom fishing.  Then take a quick stop on Block Island for lunch, shopping, or swimming.  After that, you can continue fishing.  
 9 hr
30 miles
This trip becomes available in early July and continues through late September.  Many varieties of sharks and tuna may be encountered on this trip.  
     Offshore   10 hr   40 miles

 $1550 Weekday

  $1650 Weekend
Beginning in early June and running through mid October, most varieties of sharks and tuna will be captured.  The 40 mile limit allows us to target fish close to the Gulf Stream which may include marlin and mahi mahi. 
 12 hr
50 miles
Heading out 50 miles should bring us to the Gulf Stream where anything could cross our path. Fish we could encounter include bluefin, yellowfin, albacore tuna, mahi mahi, marlin, wahoo, and many types of sharks. This could turn out to be the adventure of a lifetime.     
Single or Mixed Groups after September 1
    6 hr 14 miles
This trip has been put together for the fisherman who can’t organize a private group.  Simply call or email us to sign up as an individual and we will form a group.  Many friendships have developed from these trips. We target striped bass, bluefish, porgies, and sea bass. 
Single or Mixed Groups after September 1
 8 hr
16 miles
This trip has been put together for the fisherman who can’t organize a private group.  Simply call or email us to sign up as an individual and we will form a group.  Many friendships have developed from these trips. We target cod, striped bass, bluefish, porgies, sea bass, and tautog (blackfish).

Single or Mixed Group after September 1

  9 hr

25 mile

This trip is offered to individuals interested in offshore cod and sea bass.  All tackle, bait and jigs are provided.


Dates for mixed group fishing 

Dates will be posted soon


General Booking Information

Deposit of $400 (inshore) and $500 (offshore) must be received within ten days from date your reservation was made.

Deposit payment may be made by personal check, VISA, Master Card or Discover Card.

Trips cancelled within 30 days of your reservation forfeit their deposit.

Final payment must be made by cash, money order or bank checks - No Personal Checks!

Overtime Rate/HR $125

Preferred denominations of $50's & $100's are appreciated.

Make checks payable to "Snappa Fishing & Diving Charters, Inc."

Bad weather cancellations will be made at the dock by the captain!

The Captain and Mate will share a customary  20%  gratuity

Additional passengers add $75 for 4-6 hrs trips, $100 on 7 and 8 hrs trips, and $125 on 9 -12 hrs  trips.

FUEL SURCHARGE: A fuel surcharge of $35 (for private groups inshore), $70 (for private groups offshore), or $5/person for singles, will be assessed when fuel prices reach $4.50/Gal. and at each .50 cent incremental increase thereafter.




Spring and Fall Weekday Discounts 

8 Hours - 16 mile limit

Late May and September-December
Porgies, Sea Bass, Tautog (Blackfish), Striped Bass, Fluke and Cod
Private Group Rate Based on 7 Passengers  $1100
Search and Discover Trip $135/Person
Private Groups with Additional Passengers add $100/Person
Single, Open, Split & Mixed Groups $150/Person


Nov  and Dec Weekend Discounts

 8 Hours - 16 mile limit

Private Group Rate Based on 8 Passengers   $1200  
Private Groups with Additional Passengers Add $100/Person
Singles, Open, Spilt & Mixed Groups  $150/Person




Cod Discounts  - July through December 

9 1/2 hours - 25 mile limit


Private Group Rate Based on 8 Passengers $1350
Additional Passengers Add $100/Person
 Singles, Open and Mixed Groups $165/Person



Fishing Charters 
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