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2020 Shark Diving Newsletter

Jul 1, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 Virus and its effect on so many people, I have decided to delay the upcoming season. Not knowing if we would be allowed by the Rhode Island governor to have a season was a major concern. As of now, it appears as though the number of positive cases in RI is declining. As a result, the governor has decided to ease off on some of the restrictions. The Snappa is presently limited to 9 passengers and each passenger will be required to wear a face mask. Compared to the 3 passengers we were allowed in “Phase 1”, I can live with 9 passengers. On July 1st. the governor has stated that she may consider eliminating more restrictions in “Phase 3”. We will wait to see what the future brings.
With a little more time on my hands I have been working on the boat to cosmetically patch up things that have occurred over the past 13 years. Can you believe the boat is in its 13th year? Wow, time flies. I have also been working on my Christmas tree farm. Pruning, fertilizing, and mowing are just a few things that most people never see when they pick the perfect tree.
If the sharks arrive on schedule, they should be here by next week. I will be starting the first dive of the season on June 25th. Many of our divers ask,” What is the best time of the year for shark observation”? The last week of June is usually the most productive period for seeing volumes of sharks. On many of the June outings we may also see schools of dolphins migrating through the area.
The second set of dives is scheduled from July 23rd through the 30th. During this period we lose the greater numbers of sharks we see in June but you may see more variety of sharks such as the mako, thresher and hammerhead. The sharks we see in late July are usually a bit larger that the June sharks.
Finally, the 3rd set of shark dives in the season begins on August 30th and runs through September 8th. The water temperature this time of year may reach 75 degrees with visibility to 80 ft. The largest sharks of the season move into our water’s at this time of year. You may see other species of marine life such as sea turtles, basking sharks, tuna, bonito, ocean sunfish, mahi mahi, whales and Portuguese Man-of-War. The only down side to this time frame is that we are near the height of the hurricane season. When a hurricane hits us it usually puts an end to the diving for at least 4 days. This is due to the ocean visibility dropping to near zero because of the ocean turbidity. This one factor should strongly be considered if you are a first time shark diver. There is never a safe bet on weather when dealing with Nature, but if you are a first timer you may want to choose an earlier dive date.

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